For our traffic generation guide, Traffic Ten, Justyna Bizdra and I are using the WordPress eStore plugin AND WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin below.

We are very happy with both of them. They are easy to set up and customize, and therefore great for beginners.

Also, whenever we have questions, the developer is quick to get back to us.

Here is an overview:

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WordPress eStore Plugin

The WordPress eStore Plugin allows you to sell digital products or services from your wordpress blog securely with complete automation. Your customer will automatically recieve an e-mail with a encrypted download link after their payment goes through so you don’t have to manage it manually. It integrates seamlessly with most of the other plugins from Tips and Tricks HQ

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WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin

WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program via your WordPress blog, helping you with affiliate recruitment and management. The plugin will track all clicks, leads, sales etc. It integrates with a number of different shopping carts, and you can use it to create 2-tier affiliate programs if you wish.

eMember banner 125 WordPress eStore, Affiliate and Membership Site Plugins

WordPress eMember Plugin

WordPress eMember Plugin turns a WordPress blog into a membership site easily.

You can protect articles by creating different membership levels (eg. Free, Basic, Premium, Ultimate) and the contents of posts, pages etc.

I haven’t used the membership plugin yet, but given the quality of the other plugins, I will definitely buy it if I need to create a membership site.

That said, if you need something that offers everything that the above plugins do AND gives you the kind of power that elite marketers have, such as the ability to do multiple upsells and cross sells and other fancy stuff that elite marketers do, then invest in:


Nanacast is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for top marketers like James Schramko, yet it’s affordable compared to other ‘elite’ solutions out there!

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15 Responses to “WordPress eStore, Affiliate and Membership Site Plugins”
  1. Seems like a pretty cool plugin. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I’ll go check it out.

  2. You’re welcome John. The developer does a nice job. Very simple and easy to use.

  3. Izba says:

    Tips and tricks HQ’s eStore plugin is great I reckon, it was easy to instal and configure, I am very happy with it. Amin and Ivy are wonderful people, help with all sorts of WP or html related stuff etc. on their website. I am about to instal the two plugins you mentioned about Affiliate and Memberships system as well.

  4. That’s great! I find myself visiting their site more and more because they have such excellent information about
    WordPress there, and great plugins of course. :) I hope that the plugins work well for you too.

  5. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Lillea
    The “WordPress eMember” Plugin looks good.
    Presumably you can apply this to just specific pages and not the whole site?

    “WordPress eStore” may be of use to me in the future.

    I’ll put this post in my useful bits and pieces folder.

  6. Hi Keith. Yes, you can apply it to an individual page or post if you like. You don’t have to have it
    everywhere, it’s completely up to you where you put it. Really handy. It’s very easy to use and
    configure too, and offers an option to test to make sure it’s working properly.

  7. Keith Davis says:

    Thanks Lillea
    Something that I may use in the future.
    Took a look at the “Tips and Tricks HQ” site and noticed lots of interesting post.

  8. You’re welcome Keith. The Tips and Tricks site is one of my favorites, so it’s great to see others
    commenting on this. Great resource for anyone who is interested in WordPress.

  9. Thanks for your free content. I haven’t started to monetize yet but will probably do a e book series soon. Thanks for the good advice.

  10. You’re welcome Brian. You have a great site! :)

  11. hey Lillea

    thank you for your advice. Those plugins and systems like nanacast are great tools for creating bond between people. Do you use Nanacast?

    all the best

  12. You’re welcome Martyna,

    I only use Nanacast as an affiliate, but I’ve seen how it works because of the vendors who are using it, and the affiliate interface I log into.
    It’s fantastic. Really versatile!

  13. thank you, a system that is simple, helps you track the sales, and does things correctly- honestly

  14. Helen says:

    Thanks a lot Lillea.
    I just started my new blog on WordPress in addition to one I already have, reviews like this one you made on plug-ins are very valuable for me.

  15. You’re welcome Helen! It’s great that there are inexpensive plugins that can do quite advanced things!