I like Twitter because it’s easy to use and it helps me with my online business in several ways, which I share in this post.

Note: Justyna Bizdra and I have a section on Twitter in the social media chapter in Traffic Ten.

There are hundreds of sites and programs that tell you how to make money with Twitter, but I believe in being genuine and posting and replying to Tweets in real time, so anything that promises to automate that process, bring in an insane number of followers (I believe in quality, not quantity!) or pulls what I consider to be a sneaky trick is not for me and won’t be discussed here.

It’s interesting to look back at the time when I was just getting into online business and dreading social media. I knew that I was ‘supposed to’ participate in popular social media sites, like Twitter, but it seemed shallow to me.  I rolled my eyes, and sometimes still roll my eyes, at what I call ‘tuna fish sandwich tweets’. I’m referring to the messages that many Twitter users post about mundane things like what they had for lunch. Comedians love to poke fun at this for good reason. I imagine that I’ve ‘tuna fish sandwiched’ a few times on Twitter, but I do my best to avoid it.

What I’ve found, as I’ve become more active on Twitter, is that it isn’t simply a shallow and tuna fish sandwich-y place, if you know how to use it properly. Instead, you can find valuable information and meet like-minded people who can help you to improve your business whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer.

tweetlillea 3 Natural Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money with WordPress Blogs

3 Natural Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money with WordPress Blogs

1. Research Your Blog’s Niche

By entering what you want to research in the Search feature in Twitter you can see what people are talking about in the niche you’re targetting. This can help you gather ideas for blog posts, articles and products and/or you can deliver interesting content to your Twitter followers by simply retweeting the tweets that are appropriate.

If you want to conduct searches that are more comprehensive and automated than what Twitter offers out-of-the-box, you can use a service like Tweet Scan. Tweet Scan analyzes information on Twitter and several other sites such as identi.ca, bleeper.de and MicroCiaran with the keywords you specify, then e-mails you the results daily or weekly. Tweet Scan has a free 14-day trial. If you upgrade to the paid service it’s only $20/year and will scan information as far back as 2007.  It also has an option to backup your Twitter account for safekeeping. I’m quite new to Tweet Scan but like it so far.

2. Network

Twitter allows you to network with people in your niche(s) from around the world easily and quickly in real time.

To find people to follow in your niche you can use the free program Twellow. Select up to 10 categories and Twellow will tell you is in that particular niche.

It’s great to be friendly and chatty with fellow Tweeters, trade tips and techniques and use Twitter for entertainment, but if you’re serious about making money with your WordPress blog and growing your business, it’s wise to use Twitter to find the best people who can help you with that.

To learn more about anyone you meet on Twitter be sure to:

  • read a few pages worth of their tweets
  • read a good number of their retweets
  • see how they interact with other Twitter users when they reply to them. Do they reply at all, or often, or do they simply churn out pitches/tweet their own horn for the most part? Are they a real person tweeting in real time, or possibly a bot or perhaps someone a marketer has hired to tweet on their behalf who doesn’t fully understand the business they are representing.
  • visit the website they list in their profile and find out more about them in the About section, or similar, of their website .
  • look at who they follow. Do they seem to be doing reciprocal follows (the number of followers they have is close to the number of people they follow) or are they more selective about who they follow? (much smaller number of followings than followers). If it’s the latter, you can get a sense of what and who they value by visiting the pages of the people they follow.

Tip: Send out personal, relevant replies to other people’s Tweets, not spammy Direct Messages, to introduce yourself. It’s also good to occasionally retweet other people’s tweets if the information is suitable for your followers. Retweeting is an easy, fast, non-invasive way to show interest in, and respect for, what they are doing.

Note: Visit me on Twitter and check out some of the people that I am following if you’re interested in WordPress and meeting online business people who are successful and helpful. Some of the people in my following list are from the old days when I thought I had to reciprocal follow so they may not have much weight for me. I don’t reciprocal follow any more; I only follow people who I truly want to follow, including several members of the private internet marketing coaching forum where I got most of my training.

The more experience you have with the quick Twitter way of communicating, the more you’ll see that you can meet like-minded people who are happy to share information that can help you promote your WordPress blog. You may find yourself engaged in some pleasant back and forths, and eventually some of those interactions can lead to very lucrative business partnerships, or at least free promotion of your blog.

3. Promote your blog and products

I save this for last because you should do it, absolutely, but it’s one of the most misused and abused things on Twitter. If you’re in online marketing, and even if you aren’t, at some point you will get a spammy follower who direct messages (DMs) you with an offer that is neither personal nor useful and just wastes your time. Some marketers tweet offer after offer, often nothing more than an affiliate link, to try to sucker people into buying yet another get rich quick system, etc. Ideally you should promote your blog in a variety of ways on Twitter, not only by posting links to products for sale. Provide value and interesting content, not just offers. Post links to articles on your blog that also promote your products and services, or your views, etc. I can’t stand it when a marketer doesn’t seem to care that their customers are people, not just PayPal and credit cards. I hope that you can relate.

Yes, there are many sites and articles that are devoted to how to use Twitter to make money, but if you care about delivering value to your customers and potential customers, and you want to form solid business relationships, then using Twitter in a more natural way, in my view, is the better way to go. If you don’t believe me, follow one of my favorite internet marketers, (he’s a big WordPress user too!) on Twitter and see genuineness in profitable action.

P.S. if you have a kick a– recipe for the ultimate tuna fish sandwich, THAT is okay to tweet about. icon smile 3 Natural Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money with WordPress Blogs

~ Lillea Woodlyns

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10 Responses to “3 Natural Ways to Use Twitter to Make Money with WordPress Blogs”
  1. Thank you for the great info on how to use Twitter:) I need to reorganize my Twitter account.

    I’m also a private forum member and follow him on Twitter, so I know exactly what you mean writing about him as a genuine internet marketer:))

  2. Hi Justyna,

    It’s great to see you here! Yes, if a top marketer can be genuine on Twitter, then other marketers can do it too. He manages his time well so that helps. They should learn from him. :)

    Visit any time! :)


  3. Jimmy says:

    Nice read, I quite like the write up on the use of twitter to promote your blog. I am working in a SME and one of my tasks is to build a twitter account that adds some value to the business. I am part of the marketing department and I find that despite the good intentions people have and the fact that they know twitter posts need to have some value to followers they always fall into the trap of just using it to try to sell and it doesnt work.

    I have a collection of resources like this page which I am pointing people towards to have a look at when they are encouraging me to “oversell” using the account. I probably go too far the other way with the non-selling stuff but I think its how I react to their pressures! One day I will work for myself and not have these issues!

  4. Thank you Jimmy! I know what you mean about going too far the other way with the non-selling stuff.
    Sometimes I find myself doing that too.

    I read somewhere that posting a clearly ‘selling’ tweet every 3-4 tweets is a good natural way to curb either over
    or under selling. So 2-3 non selling, then 1 selling. I haven’t carefully checked my own pattern, but that seems like
    a reasonable level. I’m still learning how to write tweets that are likely to be retweeted by other people. Usually
    I get the most retweets when I have a link to a how-to of some kind, but that’s what fits my niche, WordPress,
    and every niche is different.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I should firstly admit to trying quite a few black hat things with my twitter account and that might mean that what I take from testing does not really help when passing the info onto others but I have found that I can attract a lot of followers when I tweet a few public proxies/simple quick win SEO tip – these are usually retweeted too as they are quite useful and the recipients of the RT often become followers.

    I have just started to follow you on twitter but I am currently in the process of some fairly intense follow/unfollow churning to increase numbers making my twitter account pretty unusable at the moment (I cant manage it when I follow more than 20 or so people). I am aiming for 5,000 fairly targeted followers at which point I plan to stop the churning and cut back on the people I am following to make the account usable. You are on the “dont unfollow later” list.

    I have read that the number of quality followers you acquire has a direct relation to the likelyhood of appearing in the SERPs with your tweets, its kind of a test.

  6. Hi again Jimmy,

    I appreciate being on your “don’t unfollow later” list! Thank you! I also appreciate your candor, and
    the tips about what has generated RTs. I don’t do anything black hat, but I like to read about it to
    understand how it works.

    All the best for your pruning!

    Yes, the quality of follows seems to matter. I am so tired of the
    spammy types who immediate follow me if I use words like ‘make money’. I try to avoid
    triggering those kinds of people but sometimes it’s unavoidable it seems!

  7. I love to use Twitter whenever i want to know the latest buzz about my friends. I also use Twitter to know the latest buzz from famous persons -

  8. air max 24-7 says:

    Thank you for the great info on how to use Twitter:) I need to reorganize my Twitter account.

  9. You’re welcome! I need to reorganize my account sometime too.

  10. Dan says:

    With the Google Panda starting to factor in social signals in their ranking algorithm, there is no better day to put the power of social media channels such as Twitter to good use than today. Just make sure you provide quality, relevant and valuable content to your followers. If you’re promoting a product for instance, avoid making your tweets too forceful in the way they advertise as you might lose your followers very quickly.