The number of dofollow blogs is growing. You can join the movement by installing a dofollow Word Press plugin.

dofollow Dofollow Blogs & Link Building: What, Why and How

To understand what dofollow is and why it can help you promote your business, you first need to understand what link building is.

Why Link Building Can

Help You Promote Your Site for Free

Link building is placing links to your site on other popular sites and blogs – sites and blogs that already rank highly in search engines like Google. When link building is done correctly, it will help boost your site’s seach engine rankings.

Why is a good search engine ranking important? The higher your ranking, the more likely it is that a link to your website will appear on the first pages of results that a potential customers sees when they search for products on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

How does all of this work?

It’s rather complex, but to sum up search engines have software components (often called ‘spiders’) that scan websites. The information that spiders collect is used to determine what a site is about and how important it is compared to other sites online.

If a site already ranks highly in a search engine, the outbound links on that site can be seen as important, too. Outbound links are links that lead away from a site. For example, in this post I include links to other sources of information about dofollow. Because the links take you away from my blog they are called outbound.

The Most Common Free Ways to Build Links Are:

  • posting comments on other blogs/sites because you are usually allowed to include a link to your site with your comment
  • submitting the link to your article/post/story to a social news site like Digg. Many blogs and sites, including this one, have buttons at the bottom of posts so you can submit them easily
  • putting your link into the ‘signature’ part of any posts you write in online forums
  • submitting articles to free article directories like Ezine. You simply put the link to your site in your author resource box. For more information on article writing as a way to promote your site for free, see Promoting Your Site with Short Articles

Why Dofollow Helps with Link Building

Dofollow is a software code that tells the search engine spiders to look at the outbound links and give them a higher ranking simply by association.

By default, most blogs are nofollow, meaning that the search engine spiders won’t follow the outbound links and give them higher ranking by association. To make a blog dofollow you need to install a dofollow plugin.

Keep in mind that many dofollow blogs and sites don’t have a high rank in search engines. Some never will, some may soon. That’s okay. Having your links on other sites can be very beneficial -  you may get some clicks that result in sales. Yes, it’s always worthwhile to have links in spots where potential customers might see them. Dofollow just gives you an extra boost by increasing your chances of being listed in the search results on search engines.

Dofollow or nofollow, you must be careful with what you write on the site. Show respect for the site or forum you’re posting on, don’t simply promote your own products in a blatant way.  If you aren’t careful about this, you will be seen as a SPAMMER and your link will probably be deleted.

And please feel free to leave non-spammy comments on this blog. I’m doing link building myself so the blog will increase in rank over time. icon smile Dofollow Blogs & Link Building: What, Why and How

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Search Engine Rankings & Dofollow?

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~ Lillea Woodlyns

P.S This was a do follow blog for a while, but due to the amount of spam I got, I decided to deactivate it. Other people do well with it, though. Test and see.

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20 Responses to “Dofollow Blogs & Link Building: What, Why and How”
  1. payday loans says:

    Linkbuilding is a good way to promote your site. But it can be hard to find do follow blogs. There are some sites you can go to that have a list of do follow type blogs, which makes it easier.

  2. You’ve by far written the most detailed dofollow explanation i’ve read thus far, and I thank you for your clarity regarding search engine optimization explanation for those who simply do not know.

  3. Thank you. I’m really glad that my post is helpful. :) I had trouble finding clear information about do follow myself so I wanted to make it easier for others to understand.

    It’s true that do follow blogs can be tricky to find, but the Do Follow Search Engine mentioned in my post helps to simplify things. You can also use a keyword tool called ‘Market Samurai’ to find them. I bought Market Samurai fairly recently and love it! Great investment, and a growing favorite of pro internet marketers.

    ~ Lillea

  4. Van Leasing says:

    Great post, I work in online advertising, so this website is really helpful to me. Thank you

  5. cicurug says:

    i ilove do follow blog set to do follow to…thank for your article

  6. Dofollow says:

    Great post, that dofollow stuff is really important.

  7. MAS1916 says:

    Legitimate posts on ‘do follow’ blogs seem to generate good links for me! I hear others opine that do follow links are devalued in building page rank, but the ‘do follow’ blogs I visit seem to be good quality and return a decent number of links.

    One does have to be wary of spamming though, but a thoughtful comment that runs more than a few words seems to carry value.

  8. Thank you for commenting! Yes, I agree that do follow blogs are often quite high quality. I sometimes get very spammy
    comments from people who are trying to take advantage of the fact that this blog is do follow, but I have a good
    spam blocker and I moderate all comments so it isn’t too bad.

  9. Hey Lillea,

    I have Market Samurai as well. How do you use it to find out dofollow links? I really want to figure this out so I can help my rankings jump high.

  10. Hi Flying in Four,

    Here is how to do it:

    Open a new project or an existing one in Market Samurai and click on the
    Promotion tab (second icon from the bottom on the lefthand side).

    Under Blogs: you’ll see Follow Blog.
    Click to check that box, then click on Find Backlinks.

    I now prefer to look for CommentLuv enabled blogs. CommentLuv
    is a free WordPress plugin.

    As you may know, with CommentLuv when you enter your info (name, email, url)
    to post a comment, CommentLuv will scan your blog (via the url you used) and burp
    up the latest post, giving you a text link with your blog post title. A good reason to
    use keywords in post titles!

    If you sign up with CommentLuv you can have your choice of up to 10 of the
    posts on your blog to use for your link. If you pay a small fee, you can add
    more than one blog url to get 10 possible links to choose from for each.

    To find CommentLuv blogs that are appropriate, use this
    nifty method:

    In Google type:

    “title=”CommentLuv Enabled”” KEYPHRASE

    but replace KEYPHRASE with the keyword you’re targeting.

  11. Hey, great infomation thanks very much for this, i really love commentluv, its great and i get much pleasure out of reading your site thanks for this.

  12. You’re welcome Burton. :)

  13. Thank you for that post and useful tips in the comments!
    Best regards!

  14. Nice Plugins and info. :)

    converting blog in dofollow is helpful for visitors and owner both, this is increasing post comment volume which is very helpful to bring some more traffic. :)

    Thanks for info.

  15. Bit Doze says:

    I think that dofollow is most important, but you also need to have nofollow links so that the search engines sees that you are most natural. So in order to have high PR you have to be as natural as possible.

  16. Frank says:

    There are plugins out there that will tell you if a link is dofollow or no follow. Very useful, google some for your use.

  17. Orlando SEM says:

    Do Follow links are great, but never forget to have an organic looking portfolio. Have both do-follow / no-follow links, blogs/directories/sites/forums etc. don’t just rely on one source of links.

    Thanks for sharing information with the community!

  18. Thanks! Good reminder. Yes, a mix of different links is really important.

  19. Emre Ilkme says:

    The SEOBOOK Keyword Tool is a great place to find a free list of keywords. If you want to compare the results with your competitors, then use SEOCHAT keyword difficulty.

  20. Emre Ilkme says:

    This plugin is the only reason anyone comments on my blog Maybe this is a half truth, but whatever it helped build a little community and helped me get to know other bloggers. I am all for it.