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I had so much frustration trying to find a good cloaker to protect my affiliate data.

Fortunately James Schramko told me about the affiliate link cloaker below.

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WordPress Security is Essential

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WordPress Security 219x300 Back Up Your WordPress Blog Frequently!

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For Best Security, Change Your WordPress Password AND Admin User Name Often – At Least Every Few Weeks!

Frequently changing your WordPress password and admin user name will help to prevent hackers from breaking into your blog  – a serious problem particularly if your blog is popular and you are successful online.

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If you aren’t using the popular, award winning browser Mozilla Firefox to surf the net, give it a tryfirefox Best Browser & 7 Simple Add Ons

(if you’re already using Firefox, skip to ‘7 Free Add-ons I recommend‘ later in this post)

I’ve been using Firefox for at least 4 years and can’t imagine using anything else

Free, fast & flexible  – it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux – Firefox is easy to install and optimize.

It’s also very secure (tired of all of those IE security updates?)

How to import bookmarks from your current browser into Firefox:

Firefox: Importing Bookmarks FAQs

And make Firefox your default browser

Make Firefox the Default Browser

7 Free Firefox Add-Ons I Recommend

Add-ons make Firefox go from great to amazing. They’re simple to install.

1. Roboform

One of my all-time favorite internet tools. Incredible time saver.

Roboform automates online password entering and form filling. If you enter online contests, have several websites/blogs, belong to forums, or do anything that requires having a password online, this tool can make a HUGE difference. It’s more flexible and secure than the feature that comes with Firefox by default.

You can get the free Roboform Firefox Toolbar here:

Eventually I upgraded to the paid version, RoboForm Pro. I had collected too many passwords for the free version. If you experience the same thing, don’t worry. The price is fair considering what this software can do.

2. PDF Downloader

This is also available for Internet Explorer.  With this add-on you can easily choose how PDF files are handled by Firefox (download, open, convert to HTML web page for quicker viewing). You can even convert HTML web pages to PDF.

3. Any Color

There are many free ‘skins’ that you can download that allow you to change the look of Firefox – but I haven’t had much success with them. AnyColor allows me to keep things simple by only changing the colors in Firefox. I often start with Pink! or Bright Sky Blue and dabble from there.

4. DownThemAll!

Another great time saver. This add-on allows you to download all the links, images, etc. on a particular webpage at once. This saves you the hassle of right-clicking and selecting ‘save as’ for everything one by one.

. UrlbarExt

This gives you many cool powers, such as the ability to unblock a filtered website, surf anonymously and shorten long urls with tinyurl.

6. Internet Explorer Tab for Firefox

Is a site not displaying properly in Firefox? For the rare time that happens, this add-on allows you to quickly switch to Internet Explorer within Firefox instead of loading it separately.

7. Web Developer

Programmers, designers and marketers will appreciate this one. There are many useful features for the average surfer too. You can decide which cookies Firefox accepts, check color codes on sites (great if you want to duplicate them for your own site design), edit code, hide images on pages (this can improve the readability of some sites tremendously! Try it and see) and much more.

Bonus recommendation: Firefox Portable Edition

This isn’t an add-on technically, but I’m including it as a bonus.  I haven’t used it yet, but it’s ready and waiting on my desktop.

Firefox Portable Edition allows you to store Firefox on a USB device (the small keychain ones are handy).  This means that you’ll be able to bring your bookmarks wherever you go so you can access them on other computers. It’s very secure; it leaves no personal information on the machine you access it on. This is a particularly handy if you’re using public computers in places like libraries (which may be tracking everything you do).

What are your favorite add-ons and enhancements for Firefox?

~ Lillea Woodlyns


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The ‘Maximum Security’ plugin for WordPress is available in a beta version. Give it a try for free.

WordPress blogs can be hacked into by nasty folks and this plugin will help safeguard against that, among other vital things.

You might already have some good security measures in place, but this product promises to take things to the next level.

Visit these links to learn more about this plugin:

Maximum Security Features

Signup to be a Beta Tester For Free

~ Lillea Woodlyns

P.S. it takes more than one plugin to fully protect your site from hackers. To learn how to protect your blogs as much as possible quite easily, I recommend WP expert John Hoff’s excellent ebook and video package, WordPress Defender

WordPress Defender Maximum Security WordPress Plugin

WordPress Defender: 30 Ways to Secure Your Blog from Attack that Anyone Can Do

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You probably know that it’s important to regularly back up files in your computer in case something goes wrong and you lose your data. For the same reason, it’s important to backup your WordPress files.

Technical wackiness can happen online. Wouldn’t it be awful if you lost all of your posts and settings? Don’t worry, if something dreadful happens and your files go belly-up, a recent backup – say, a week old at most – will definitely help.

If you post a lot on your blog, it’s wise to backup your WordPress blog database frequently, even daily.

I use the WordPress Database Backup Plugin for exactly that.

After the plugin is installed and configured (not hard to do) it can be set to automatically back up your blog’s database whenever you like. Mine is set to backup daily. Every day the backup file is sent to an e-mail address of my choice.

Very easy!

It’s also best to do a full backup of all of your WordPress files every few weeks.

I save the full backup files in a folder in my computer.

Filezilla can be used for full backups of your WordPress blog. Filezilla works on both PCs and Macs.

full backup with filezilla Easy WordPress Backup with a PlugIn + Filezilla

After connecting to your site with Filezilla, it’s very easy to download your WordPress blog files to your computer for safekeeping.

7 Easy Steps to Follow to Create a Full WordPress Backup

1. Download and install Filezilla on your computer.

2. Create a new folder on your computer desktop to store your blog’s backup files. Name it something appropriate and exact like ‘Full Backup Jan 1 2020′.

3. Using Filezilla, connect to the site that your WordPress blog is installed on. For information on how to configure Filezilla, read the directions here:

4. In the Right Pane of Filezilla double click on WWW.  Click on the ‘blog’ folder. Or, if you have more than one site, find the site for the blog you’re backing up and look for it’s blog folder. In the Right Bottom Pane of Filezilla you’ll see these folders:




Those are the folders for your WordPress blog. You’re going to copy them into the folder that you created on your computer desktop.

5. In the Left Pane of Filezilla click on the folder that you created on your desktop for your backup.

6. In the Right Bottom Pane of Filezilla highlight the wp-admin folder. Right click on it and select download. This will download the folder to the folder on your desktop. When the download is finished do the same thing with the folders wp-content and wp-includes.

This process may take a while if there are lots of files to download inside the folders. Be patient. icon smile Easy WordPress Backup with a PlugIn + Filezilla

7. Do you see the files right under the wp-includes folder? Select all of them, right click, and then select download to download them to the folder on your desktop.

You’re done!

Remember, if you upgrade to a new version of WordPress, you should do a full backup beforehand.

~ Lillea

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